Monthly Archives: May 2011


This is the spotlight I use.

See those levers on the side? between the two tubes? those are the frame switches. they drop colored plastic frames over the lens to give the light a coloration.

The second set of levers (the ones on top) alter the size of the spotlight by moving the lens closer or further from the light.

Those are the basics of a spotlight.


Days .3 .4 .5 .6 and .7

In case you weren’t aware, (and you probably weren’t) my internship has been on for several weeks now. I worked there every Thursday after class, from 6:00 to 9:30. Most of the time I assembled props,painted stuff, and cleaned up sawdust.


(these are not my hands)

Also, I discovered that I kind of like cleaning. I would make a good butler.

that would be cool.

Day Two

Today at my internship, I learned three things.

A. how to work a spotlight

B. that I am able to climb 40 foot ladders effectively

C. I am not afraid of heights at all.

Also, I learned that I hate being underground, I work on my own pretty well, and that some spotlights are hot enough to burn things.

Adding on to that, I have to wear the headset below during the play, because I have to hear what the other spotlight guys are saying.