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This is the spotlight I use.

See those levers on the side? between the two tubes? those are the frame switches. they drop colored plastic frames over the lens to give the light a coloration.

The second set of levers (the ones on top) alter the size of the spotlight by moving the lens closer or further from the light.

Those are the basics of a spotlight.


Days .3 .4 .5 .6 and .7

In case you weren’t aware, (and you probably weren’t) my internship has been on for several weeks now. I worked there every Thursday after class, from 6:00 to 9:30. Most of the time I assembled props,painted stuff, and cleaned up sawdust.


(these are not my hands)

Also, I discovered that I kind of like cleaning. I would make a good butler.

that would be cool.

Day Two

Today at my internship, I learned three things.

A. how to work a spotlight

B. that I am able to climb 40 foot ladders effectively

C. I am not afraid of heights at all.

Also, I learned that I hate being underground, I work on my own pretty well, and that some spotlights are hot enough to burn things.

Adding on to that, I have to wear the headset below during the play, because I have to hear what the other spotlight guys are saying.

Day One

My internship is at the Company Theatre in Norwell. I worked on the props and helped with the lighting. The business of theater is easier for the workers than it is for the owners. They have to purchase the rights to show a certain play, hire actors, hire choreographers to train the actors, and manage the sets. I would like to continue in this field of work because I like helping from behind the scenes. Sometimes literally.

   This is the prop room.

   This is the light I use.

   This is the stage (or my view of it)

PS: if you ever get a job here, don’t use the staff vending machine. It doesn’t work.

You should know this

I will be keeping daily posts on the internship I am currently doing.

Do your best to not act bored.